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Starting a business involves a lot of small print. Just one little technical mistake could haunt you for years and cost you unknowable amounts of time and money.

Whether you’re a first-time business owner and have capital to get started on looking for other sources of investment capital, we can help you develop a plan.  Regardless of your funding options, growing your business and engaging in a competitive market place is a complex investments of time, resources and money.   

We promise to provide you with the strategic options you need to design a competitive advantage for your business, collaborate with professionals who are interested in your future and gain access to the funds you need to be successful.  Work with us to ensure make sure you have a 360
° approach to running your business and profitability.

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Business Strategy & Marketing Services

Premier Advice For Confident Business Ownership

Access to Funding 

When you buy or start a business, you need quality advice on funding options that can help you at the early stages of business when funding is critical or expand your business to remain competitive and increase profitability.  

Professional Network & Support

Get the business management, legal and accounting support you need to handle the complexity of running a profitable business.

Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a help navigating the marketing landscape.  We can help you with securing and managing a solid reputation, implementing solid sales funnels, engaging in social media and paying for traffic to your business.  Our goal is to help you be the market leader.

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Carole W.

Because of COVID-19, I was sitting home with extra time.  The Premier Venture Funding team helped me figure out how to start a side business I could do from home.

James A.

I've been wanting to start a business for years and just did not know where to start.  The Business Strategy Maps provided by the Premier team help me get a clear picture of how to start selling my products. 

Annette H.

I needed business funding and did know if I should use my 401K or get a business loan.  I know I could get a loan using my business but I did not know how to establish business credit.  The team at Premier Venture Funding help me establish as solid business credit history.

Debunking Some Business Consulting & Funding Myths

I have a business broker so I don’t need an avisor.

A business broker is paid to close deals, not always to look out for your interests. They are not qualified to offer legal advice, accounting and strategic advice and may not be too concerned about the finer details of your contract. You need access to an experienced consultant who's hired to protects your interests and helps avoid significant issues down the road.

Business Consultants are too expensive.

The pricing is determined by the firm you choose, but there are many consultants that perform basic business support services like help you develop a comprehensive plan, design profitability, introduce you to needed professionals like an attorneys and accountants to help you protect the business and design profitability from the start.  In any case, it is much more affordable then ending up in costly litigation due to issues that were easily avoidable.

An advisor or consultant just complicate the process.

A business consultnat should actually make your upfront planning, business funding and execution go more smoothly. We reduce the chances of last-second surprises that delay or disrupt your transaction by doing our due-diligence and solid strategic planning up front.

Case Study: Unexpected Business Funding Issue

Tracy and Kevin found a buyer for their business and they were excited to start retirement and move on to the next stage of their lives.

During the business transfer process, however, buyer of the business needed additional funding to complete the transaction.  

Fortunately, the couple's advisor worked with the new business to design a funding solution in a matter of days.

The bank was satisfied and the closing was executed successfully and on time.

Tracy and Kevin are now enjoying their new found options to travel and enjoy retirement. 

You never know what will arise during even a simple business funding transaction.

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We are experienced business advisors proud to have been serving the Atlanta area for over 20 years. We have helped hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses design a plan for business success.  From business planning and funding to marketing, we can help you develop a solid business plan without losing sleep over the details.

We are here to protect your interests whether you’re starting a new business, funding a existing enterprise or executing a complex series of investments for your business. Rest assured that if things get complicated, we are here to help you navigate through a competitive business landscape. 

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